Ulta O•P•I collection and LA Splash Collections

By Maria Fleita

One of my many stops this weekend was to Ulta. I was looking at the different new things that they have new in the store. So I have so many pictures that I’m going to be posting them throughout the week. There are so many cool things to come so keep an eye out so you don’t miss out!
Lets start off with this collection from O•P•I. What caught my attention was the Halloween theme it has. Then I saw “glow in the dark” and I was curious enough to give it a try. Why not? What’s the worse that can happen? I started off with the green color called “Zom-Body To Love”. Then after 2 coats I added the black shatter color. Here is the key thing like all glow in the dark things. It must be expose to light first. After you have applied your color and shatter place your nails for a few seconds under a light bulb and then cover your hand and you will see them GLOW! If you go out clubbing or anywhere where there are black lights your nails will look funky cool! If you decide to get them I hope  you like it as much as I do!
LA Splash has some very cool collections that they came out with. This collection is called Tamed & Definitive. You have a 2-in-1-Duo, eye brow pencil on one end to define and  shape your eyebrows. While on the other end the  brow gel helps to tame your unruly brows with one sweep. I think the way the combined it was a good way to market this product. Its very efficient because instead of carrying two separate items you have one item with a dual purpose. It comes in 4 different shades. 
The definitive eyeliner and shadow mechanical pencils come in bright bold colors. The colors do have a little bit of a shine to them since the style now is metallic. They are very creamy so if you use them as a shadow I would strongly suggest setting it with a translucent powder over them or with an eyeshadow. If you don’t you will have creasing on your lids. I personally wouldn’t use these pencils for eyeliners due to the overly creamy texture unless you plan to smoke out the color. 
This is the collection I was waiting to show you all. I fell in LOVE with these smokey eye duo eyeshadows. The colors are so vibrant and the pigmentation on these shadows is incredible! I’d suggest you  start on a light application and build on your color as you go. If you don’t it’ll be harder to remove and lighten what you have already done. Once the shadows are applied over a primer boy oh boy the colors get more intense!

Last but not least in the same collection is their powder perfection blendable mechanical eyeliner pencil. The pigmentation on these pencils is great! I used the liner today and after a work day I have to say I wasn’t  too pleased with the results of the pencil. I felt that the pencil ran and I was getting the raccoon eyes. So I found myself cleaning around my eyes a few times through out the day. I’m going to keep trying the pencil out for a few more days and see if it continues. 

I hope you have enjoyed the collections I have shared with you all. If you have seen them at Ulta or other tried the products let me know. I’d love to get your input on these items. 

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