The Makeup Bullet

By Maria Fleita

I’m sure by now you have all heard and/or tried a Beauty Blender or a generic brand of it. While I was at the Orlando Makeup Show three weeks ago I happened to stumble upon this makeup applicator that caught my eye. The Makeup Bullet that was created by makeup artist, Eva Jane. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eve Jane at the Orlando Show about her product, she is truly a wonderful and down to earth person. She was kind enough to give me a sample of her product so that I may try it out and give her my honest opinion.


Eva Janes The Makeup Bullet

Here’s the sample that Eve gave me to try.

The Makeup BulletThe Makeup Bullet

What stands out The Makeup Bullet different from its competitors is that you can use it for eyeshadow, moisturizers, powders, blush and more according to its creator. I personally only used it for foundation purposes only but will be doing another review on its other uses at a later time. The wonderful thing about the bullet is that just like a beauty blender and brushes, they don’t leave streaks behind like other sponges tend to do. You can also use the bullet wet or dry depending on the coverage you want. When using the bullet dry it will give you more of a full coverage application. When you use the bullet damp, it will give you more of a medium to sheer coverage. What I did like about the Makeup Bullet is that when it is dry it fits nice and snug on my finger giving me the security that it won’t fall off my finger as I am applying my makeup.

Below is a picture of me using The Makeup Bullet the following day this time instead of it being dry, I damped the bullet with water for a more sheer makeup application. It did of course swell up a bit with the water as all sponges do. The Makeup Bullet was easy to use to be honest with you. I love to feel and use my hands to apply makeup and this gave me the freedom to do just that! I will say that when it’s damp it’s not as snug on the finger as when it is dry. Either way you still have control of what you are doing.

The Makeup Bullet

I believe this is a pretty clever tool that will slowly catch on for one of many reasons. One of them being that when you are using it on someone it is easier for you to feel the bone structure of your client without actually placing your fingers directly onto the person’s face. Which should make it easier to later place your blush, contour and highlighter correctly if you’re not sure at first where to place it. Especially for beginning makeup artists or makeup lovers at home that want to try something new.

Have you heard of The Makeup Bullet? Are you willing to give it a try? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. If you’d like for me to do a video review on it leave a comment below. ( I do have a mini video clip on my instagram page) Click here  If I get enough requests I’ll go ahead and do one a full video review. I will continue to use it and give you another review to see how the product holds up on an average use.

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