Revlon Expressions Collection (Heavy Pics)

By Maria Fleita

This past week I went to Walgreens and I saw Revlon’s Expression collection by Gucci Westman. (In case you don’t know who Gucci Westman is, she’s Revlon’s global artistic director)  I fell in love with the colors that this collection has for this fall. There were some great items and not so great items in this collection. As you read along you will see I basically bought almost every single item in this collection since Revlon has a 40% sale and there was additional coupons for more savings


This beautiful LE Revlon gloss palette has some beautiful colors for this fall. From a wine color, to a soft pale pink, clear with silver glitter and a nude color. These colors are perfectly versatile for any look you want to create.
Lip Gloss Palette “Bordeaux In The Snow”
From the two nail colors that I saw this one caught my eye, Facets of Fuchsia. This nail color I just love. I’ve seen so many different blogs talking about how this nail color is a comparison of Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Roman Color. So I just had to pick it up and try it out for myself. 
Facets of Fuchsia
After applying 2 coats of this color you can see that the base color is not as opaque as Deborah Lippmann’s. So I added a black nail polish as a base to give it that darker base color. 

After applying a black nail polish you can definitely see the difference. I couldn’t find my black nail polish so instead I used NYC Flat Iron Green (which is a dark olive green). All that matters is that it did the trick. Any dark color base will do. 
The Diamond Lust eye shadows does have a lot of glitter. Normally with glitter you get a lot of fall out but with these you don’t get a lot. So if you like sparkly shadows these are good to have. 
These three colors reminded me of some MAC eyeshadows that I have from some previous collections.So I went ahead and did some swatches for you so that you can see the comparisons for yourself. 
L to R Revlon’s Neptune Star, Night Sky & Plum Galaxy
(L) Revlon’s Plum Galaxy (R) MAC Young Punk
Although these two look similar a like at a glance you can see that once they are watched they are two different shades of a color. Plum Galaxy is a light plum color with pink-purple shimmer/glitter. Young Punk is a deep purple with lighter icy pink-purple shimmer/glitter
L) Revlon’s PlumGalaxy (R) MAC Young Punk
(L) Revlon Night Sky (R) MAC Cinderfella
Both Night Sky & Cinderfella are silver-black. Cinderfella has a deep black base with a shimmery, silver glitter laced through it. While Night Sky has a black base but its not as dark as Cinderfella but dark enough.
(L) Revlon Night Sky (R) MAC Cinderfella
(L) Neptune Star (R) MAC Blue Flame
Neptune Star is a medium blue with silver-blue glitter/shimmer. Blue Flame is a dark navy blue with silver-blue glitter/shimmer that brightens it
(L) Neptune Star (R) MAC Blue Flame
 Then I remembered I have one more dup from MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney
(L) Neptune Star (M) MAC Blue Flame (R) MAC She Who Dares
(L) Neptune Star (M) MAC Blue Flame (R) MAC She Who Dares
Now lets move on to the Color Stay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. They are suppose to last to up to 10 hours much like a long wear lipstick. I grabbed the four lip colors that they had. Two are from their regular line and two are new. The new shades are Ultimate Orchid & Prime Pink. I can honestly say I am not a fan of this liquid lipstick at all. When I applied the lipstick and I pressed my lips they felt very sticky/tack. The stay power on these lipsticks aren’t great either. I love my L’Oreal, Cover Girl & MAC long wear lipsticks and this is one I would definitely pass on.
Here are the swatches of the Color Stay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick
Prime Pink
Ultimate Orchid
Vigorous Violet
Buffest Beige
Here are the lip colors
Sky Line Pink is a pale pink (pearl texture)
Abstract Orange is a burnt orange (pearl texture)
Violet Frenzy (pearl texture)
My two favorite lip colors are Abstract Orange and Violet Frenzy.
I hope you enjoyed all these swatches and if you have tried any of these colors I’d love to hear your feed back on them.

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