Premiere Orlando

By Maria Fleita

June 4-6, 2011
My day started Saturday June as I headed to Orlando for the Premiere show. I missed a few classes that I wanted to take. But I managed to get a few in. I attended one from Saian that talked about diagnosing, techniques and treatments on acne and candidiasis. It was interesting to learn how one can treat acne from with in our body system. 
Between Sunday and Monday I attended so many different educational classes. I attended a few of Lori Nestor classes. She’s the President of Eva’s Esthetics and also known as the “Queen of Waxing”. I learned so many techniques on speed waxing, brazilian waxing and skin analysis. Its good to learn different techniques from others besides the ones you already know.
I did some shopping but I was pretty good about it. I bought a mini compact airbrush machine plus paints from Dinar. I did it mostly for the compressor. The price was cheap I couldn’t pass it up. Some wax supplies as well. I had to pass by NAKED Cosmetics  booth and say hi to Shanna & Peter. I had a wonderful time playing catch up since I have not seen or spoken to her in quite some time. Like always I start playing with their pigments and I have to buy their newest colors. Their Twilight pigments are out of this world!!!! They are so beautiful and did I mentioniridescent when applied wet! Its a must have in your kits or to use for yourselves.
The best class I attended was the James Wealthy hands on class. What a wonderful, down to earth, passionate person. He’s so full of knowledge and loves to teach what he knows that you just want to be around him to learn more. I enjoyed his class so much and learned so quickly. I was so honored when I was asked to show a classroom the threading techniques that I learned. I was a bit nervous at first,  but it felt great when I showed them and demonstrated hands on.
I honestly can not wait to go back again next year. For my first time going it was so overwhelming because there is so much to see and do. I will say this much for those of you in the industry that would like to attend next year. Pack your lunch and snacks because you won’t have time to eat. On top of that the food is over priced and selections aren’t that great. I will leave you with some pictures that I took. I was so into my classes I honestly didn’t think about taking pictures. 

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