New Milani Eye Tech Liners

By Maria Fleita

I was very happy that I got my hands on Milani’s limited edition eyeliners this past weekend. I truly love Milani Cosmetics because they hardly ever disappoint me. I had read about it at first from NouveauCheap so I kept my eyes open looking for them. I picked up the two liners and had to play with them immediately.


I was impressed how well the angle liner worked. It was easy it use, it glided smoothly and was precise with the application. At least for me that is.



I drew on my arm to give you an idea how you can draw a thick to thinner line.


The next liner I tested out is the mini. The tip is smaller than the extreme liner. Here is a side by side comparison of the two.



I drew a few lines so you can see the intensity of these liners to the extreme liner.


If you love a really dark bold black liner, I’d go with the extreme liner. Between the mini and angle, I’d personally choose the angel. You can draw the thickest line in one stroke. The liner lasted on me for about three hours before I started to notice some feathering. If you can’t find these liners at your local drug store you can also buy them online on Milani’s website.
Have you purchased any of these eyeliners?

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