Nail polish collections

By Maria Fleita

I was at my local Walgreens when I saw this collection from O.P.I. My favorite color from this collection is “Its my Year”.
The Milani collection I spotted at CVS.  (Ignore the other nail colors that are not Milani’s. Someone left them there) The thing that caught my eye is how they teach you how to do nail designs.  Just grab a little paper and all the information is behind it.
I also saw how quickly Salma Hayek’s collection has FLOWN! I saw it I come back two days later and they are sold out of the things I wanted to try out. I’ll have to try it out next time around.
Over at Ulta I found the cutest mini collection from O.P.I. I spotted this collection weeks ago at Walgreens in their full size. I like mini collections for the simple reason that you will have a little bit of each color in the collection.
The second collection I spotted is this cool wedding collection. It also comes with a cute mini bag. I think its adorable!
Last but not least. CHI ceramic nail colors with nano silver. The nano silver kills bacteria and fungus. If it really leaves up to its claim I think this would be a very impressive line. The colors are bright and metallic. Sure to capture your eyes!
I have you spotted any of these items at your local drug/beauty store?

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