L’oreal Fall Back To Color Collection & Revlon Grit Grandeur

By Maria Fleita

As I walk in to Walgreens and I stroll on over to the cosmetics section as I stumble upon this wonderful display from L’oreal. I got really happy to see all the wonderful colors. The color that caught my eye the most is the orange lips that the model to the right is wearing. Sadly they were out of that color.
the lipsticks that corresponded to each shade were mixed or place in wrongly by people.

These were the only colors from the collection that were left that weren’t sold out. I’m now on a mission To find the lipstick in the color Volcanic #410. Looks great on the model and I want it!!! hahahaha

#580 Peony Pink
Tropical Coral
Tickled Pink
These warm eye shadows are beautiful!
The  HIP colors are repeats
This color from Revlon is beautiful. The color is like a gunmetal color with sparkles of olive in it. You don’t need too many coats of this colors with one coat only you already see how rich the color truly is. 
with flash
without flash
Have you seen these collections? Have you purchased any of them? Let me know what you think. 

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