Disney Villains at Walgreens

By Maria Fleita

You can only imagine the look of surprise on my face as I entered several Walgreens stores this weekend and saw different Disney Villains items. I thought I was in Disney heaven! The best part is that they reasonably priced. I will forewarn you, there are a lot of pictures in this post.

First items I saw were these amazing makeup bags from the company SOHO Beauty. My favorite one was of the Evil Queen so of course I picked that one up. I might go back for the Ursula one just to have two bags to be able to switch up when I go on my trips.


Villains Makeup Bag Cruella De Vil's makeup bag Inside Cruella De Vil's makeup bag Maleficent's makeup bag Inside Maleficent's makeup bag Evil Queen makeup bag Inside Evil Queen makeup bag Inside Ursula makeup bag

The second items that I saw were of these amazing Ardell lashes. $7.99 for three pair if lashes is an amazing deal in my opinion. I picked up Maleficent & Ursula. I may just go back and get the other two. With my crazy makeup looks I can definitely find use for them. If not just as collector items hahaha.






Third items were these adorable ponytailers for your hair and wrist from Scünci. I also included a picture of two of the items on my wrist. The thicker band is smaller so it’s much tighter on the wrist for adults. Unless you have a very tiny wrist.



Last but not least for all of you nail addicts, this amazing nail art kit from Kiss (kissusa.com). The kit includes flat brush, foil tape, nail art sheet, faux rhinestone sticker sheet, HD glitters & caviar beads.


20130915-144503.jpg 20130915-144342.jpg 20130915-144333.jpg 20130915-144442.jpg 20130915-144425.jpg 20130915-144412.jpg 20130915-144406.jpg 20130915-144352.jpg

There are two more items that I’m on the search for and they are both from e.l.f. Cosmetics. One item is a nail polish collection of the villains and the other is the beauty books. Last year e.l.f. did and amazing job with them and this year they revamped up. I can’t wait to pick up those items. I’ve included pictures of last years beauty books so that you have an idea of what I’m talking about.  They had a day and night look and instructions on how to create your villain look.

Cruella De Vil Beauty Book from e.l.f CosmeticsCruella De Vil Beauty Book from e.l.f Cosmetics

Maleficent Beauty Book from e.l.f CosmeticsMaleficent Beauty Book from e.l.f CosmeticsThe Evil Queen's Beauty Book from e.l.f CosmeticsThe Evil Queens Beauty Book from e.l.f Cosmetics

Have you spotted any of these amazing items at your local Walgreens store? If you have purchased any of the items I’d love to know your thoughts on them.

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