Anna Sui Minnie Mouse 2013 Holiday Collection

By Maria Fleita

I’m a sucker for all things Disney and I was delighted to see Anna Sui do this amazing collection. I have to say the lipsticks are intriguing to say the least. The shape is different from the usual ones that we use on a day to day basis. The good news is that in honor of the collection, there will be a pop up Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse store at LaFloret in Harajuku (Tokyo, Japan) from 1-7 November, which I’m sure will be amazing. The only bad news to this collection, there is no indication that the collection will be stocked outside of Japan. Bummer I know!  =(

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 hand cream

Rose Hand Cream

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013..Rose Body Balm

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013.Rose Lip Balm

Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Nail PolishNail colors: Stardust Silver, Snow White, Midnight Purple, Neon Pink & Passion Red

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 mascarasMascara Rich Black & Pink Brrown


Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 purple set

Romantic Serenade Collection



Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 Shadow


Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013




Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 red set

Rock Song Collection



Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 red shadow




Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Holiday 2013 red lipstick

Disney Villains on CLEARANCE!

By Maria Fleita

Many of us went crazy looking for all the different collections that became available at local Walgreens stores for the Disney Villains. I know I had to go to several stores to find all of them. Yesterday as I walked into a Walgreens store to see what I can get on clearance the day after Halloween, I was happy and shocked to see a few stores had so much inventory left. Go to your nearest Walgreens and see if you can snatch some goodies for yourself or as gifts for the holidays.

Disney Villains on cleanrace at Walgreens


Disney Villains on cleanrace at Walgreens

Urban Decay Sale

By Maria Fleita

Urban Decay is having an amazing sale on a few items I believe are worth buying. They have the Glinda palette from the Wizard of Oz Collection. I was hopping to get the Theodora palette but my fingers were obviously not fast enough because it’s sold out.  =(  They have their eye primers, 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils and many more items. Click HERE to get your hands on their amazing sale if you haven’t done so already.


Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational

By Maria Fleita

I’ve heard for some time buzz about these glosses but honestly I didn’t really jump when I first heard about them. I figured when and if I saw them then I’d purchase them to see what the buzz is all about. When I was at Walmart a few weeks ago and stumbling upon the display for L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, right next to it was the display for Maybelline’s Color Elixir’s. This is what Maybelline’s website says about these elixirs:

“Product Details (more…)

MAC Rihanna Riri Hearts Mac Holiday Collection 2013

By Maria Fleita

RiRi M·A·C Holiday is the final installment of her creative partnership with M·A·C Cosmetics. RiRi M·A·C Holiday features the return of RiRi Woo, along with two NEW Lipsticks: Pleasure Bomb and Bad Girl RiRi. Also featuring Nail Lacquer, Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow, Bronzing Powder, the double-ended 217 Blending Brush and the 239 Eye Shader Brush.  This limited-edition collection is encased in exclusive white-pearl packaging with RiRi’s rose-gold detailing. (more…)

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

By Maria Fleita

A few days ago I was at Walmart shopping and I come across this big display for L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. Of course I automatically forget what I was suppose to buy and gravitate to the big display that is in front of me. (There was another item next to me that’s coming in my next review) There is no way that you can miss this display even if you have 20/60 vision. Marketing wise this was brilliant! (more…)

The Makeup Bullet

By Maria Fleita

I’m sure by now you have all heard and/or tried a Beauty Blender or a generic brand of it. While I was at the Orlando Makeup Show three weeks ago I happened to stumble upon this makeup applicator that caught my eye. The Makeup Bullet that was created by makeup artist, Eva Jane. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eve Jane at the Orlando Show about her product, she is truly a wonderful and down to earth person. She was kind enough to give me a sample of her product so that I may try it out and give her my honest opinion. (more…)

Ofra Semi-Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

By Maria Fleita

Last week I attended The Makeup Show in Orlando, FL and came across Ofra Cosmetics. To be quite honest I’ve never used any of their products before but on product stuck out and I just had to try it out for myself. Ofra has semi-permanent waterproof eyebrow gel which come in five colors; auburn, charcoal, dark brown, light brown and khaki. If you were at the show and were able to buy all five colors at $25 you got yourself an amazing deal considering that each color sells for $24.95 each.

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