4th of July Weekend at Ulta

By Maria Fleita

I hope that everyone is having a great start to your 4th of July weekend. I went to see what sales I saw in the stores. Honestly the sales for this weekend weren’t so good but I did see a lot of products. Below are some pictures of all the collections I spotted.
I stopped at Ulta and saw this beautiful Nude collection from Maybelline.
Lip colors from L to R. Barely Brown, Riche, Bronzed, Warm Latte, Mochachino & Bean There.
The nail colors are beautiful as well.
 I also noticed a Limited Edition from Essence. Its a small collection with not too many colors. That’s the only draw back . The colors that they do have are very nice.

I noticed this product from Physicians Formula. It’s a day and night 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner + serum. They claim it wear for 24 hours. I’m curious to try this out.

 I’ve seen this collection before at Walgreens, I just never got a chance to buy any of the colors. I’m tempted to since they are bright bold colors. (which I love). Especially now for the summer.
Also from the Bright Side Collection You have these bright bold mascara colors. I wonder how good these are since I’m not fond of the original formula nor the brush for that matter. 
 I saw this great Maybelline Limited Edition Collection. These had two baked eye shadows that caught my eye off the bat. All of these colors are so beautiful. I didn’t buy any of the colors but I keep looking at the baked shadows as I’m writing this and I think I’m going back to buy them.
 LA Splash has a new mascara called Spotlight. Its main feature is a Light Up Brush. I think its pretty cool especially if you have a hard time applying mascara. They say it will give you 90% longer lashes. They even include an application mirror.
I thought this collection from Nicõle Summer in the Pretty have some beautiful summer colors. I know this line from O.P.I. is geared more for teens. But these colors are beautiful for everyone!
 Speaking of summer bold bright nail colors. I fell in love with this collection from Piggy Polish. The colors are bright neon. I had to buy some for myself if not I’d regret it later on. LOL
This collection from Zoya Wicked and Wonderful. Not only because that’s the name of the collection, but they colors are wickedly wonderful! You have the best of both worlds. Bold yet metallic colors. What more do you want to have your nails stand out!
 Last but not least I spotted more shatter colors from O.P.I. I couldn’t get you the actual bottles themselves to show you since they we all mixed up and some were missing. I can say if you see below the red is a nice dark blue based red. Its darker than Sally Hansen’s Red Shatter. You also have white, navy, blue & turquoise shatter colors. There are so many shatter colors coming out by the dozens every day.
 I hope you have enjoyed my little journey to Ulta. I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these products I’ve mentioned. Until the next post I hope you have a great weekend.

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